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Moreau Staircase

04 Oct Moreau Staircase

One of the more famous art museums in France has the amazing Moreau Staircase which is a splendor to gaze upon. Gustave Moreau is a famous artist from 1826 to 1898 who decided to turn his home into a studio and museum of his work. He has made beautiful paintings and artwork that are masterpieces in their own right. Once you reach a specific room you will notice a small sized stairwell which can be referred to as the Moreau Staircase which fits snugly. The walls are filled with Gustave Moreau’s artwork and is definitely spectacular to view. The stairwell is a spiral staircase that elegantly twirls upward to the next floor. Though looking upon this beautiful wooden staircase it would seem very small in size. .

He has made beautiful paintings and artwork that are masterpieces in their own right.

As you can see from the above picture of the Moreau Staircase it is nicely designed and its architecture fits in the city of Paris. The apartment room lies on the first floor where all of Gustave Moreau’s artwork is displayed and available to be seen. Seeing the walls covered with all the spectacular paintings is breathtaking and something one should visit when in Paris. The Moreau Staircase is not just a simple spiral staircase but one flows naturally without the harsh curves that other staircases usually depict. The iron railings on the stairwell fits nicely with the marble steps. On top of the railings is a wooden rail that is uses instead of the iron from the rest of the staircase railing.

Another thing to notice from the Moreau Staircase is that it does not have a middle support but rather supports itself as it curves upward. The staircase may seem a bit cramped when looking at its splendor but it leads to another room with many more lovely paintings. It is amazing what a painter can do when they turn their home into a magnificent studio and museum for all to look upon their artwork. I would definitely say that the Gustave Moreau Museum is something people should visit and get the chance to take pictures of the Moreau Staircase.

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