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Modernized Staircase

04 Oct Modernized Staircase

In this award winning designed home is a modernized staircase that fits nicely in the Brooklyn’s family-friendly Cobble Hill neighborhood. The overall design of this home has made quite an impact on the Remodelista Considered Design Awards and has proven to meet the requirements for its specialized category. The modernized staircase inside the home was redone on one part of the wall due to the “soulless vanilla box” that presented itself in front of the designers. It seemed the original wooden staircase and its storage underneath was not very good and so they incorporated some nicely done changes to the wooden staircase.

The overall design of this home has made quite an impact on the Remodelista Considered Design Awards.

As you can see from the picture of the modernized staircase located on the left that this living space was fantastically designed room in the home. In fact it was this room that won the Best Professionally Designed Living/Dining Space Award. If you look closely at the picture you will notice the support beams represent the industrial beams found in factories as support beams in those facilities. Then all the way to the left in the picture is the wonderful modernized staircase with the red railing on one of the walls. The wooden floors in the home look very nice and fit with the overall design concept that sought out to achieve. The contrasting extremes between the light colored walls with the darker furniture is well balanced in the overall designed living space.

When this project was first started the homeowner had contacted Massim Design Studio. They contacted them early to help out with not just the design of the home but to find the best location for their home. In fact they had worked with the Studio before they even had purchased the land for the home. This enabled them to be able to max out all possibilities in making the most out of their home. Right from the start of purchasing their home to finishing it entirely was in their belief the best way to be able to have their home design most effectively. They had a very strong goal in mind and set out to make a urban styled home fit in a industrialized residential area with its modernized staircase and overall attractiveness of their home.

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