Escherian Staircase Truth

A couple posts back I mentioned the Escherian staircase and how it was a defying physics object inside the Rochester Institute of Technology. But believe or not the staircase itself is actually an illusion done expertly with very good video editing. In research on the Escherian staircase is that its a project being done by a student for his masters project. As you may remember, the Escherian stairwell is based off the Penrose stairs which is something that is impossible to create in the real world. Though the concept of the Penrose stairs did show in one of the recent movies Inception. In the video below you will see Michael Lacanilao explain what he is trying to achieve with the Escherian staircase idea.

Basically what Michael Lacanilao is trying to achieve is to make a myth become a fact by creating mass posts on the internet and created the video from the other post about the Escherian staircase. In how he is creating the illusion is actually done by several methods in one. He has received volunteers that are twins to be in the video which was done. He also has very precisely cut the footage in a way to make it look like the person came back around up the steps with a combination of vertical split screen. It shows the stairs in split-screen form side by side showing one side going up the stairs and the other on the right shows the person coming back up the steps that he supposedly just went up. This shows it looping as if he somehow came down and back up like how the Penrose stairs work in concept.

There are other methods that also can be implemented to also achieve this same effect in the footage. As being an video editor I have seen some of the tiny mistakes that are usually never seen by an average person. It takes quite an eye to see the flaws in the video that Michael put together and is almost seamless. It took me a couple replays of the footage to see them because of how well edited the footage was done. I challenge you to see if you can see where the footage may have been edited and point out anything unusual about the footage of the Escherian staircase.